Final Course Reflection

Many great ideas were shared and learned during the course.  Most of them have a benefit for me personally in my professional career.  In order to accomplish the successful use of them, I need to develop a plan.  Loosely, that plan involves first creating a prioritized list of what I want to use most (things that will have the most benefit for me professionally).  At this point, I need to use them one by one until two things happen:  I become comfortable with the technology (mastery of it), and second it becomes a habit.  I feel the habit is important to create, otherwise I do not think I can say that I would be using the tools in a manner to say that they “work” for me.

I have found that much of what was learned in the course will have some professional transferability, above the personal benefits.  For example, I can use VoiceThread to create presentations for teachers.  It may be a quick walkthrough of something, but it allows for some great collaboration with my colleagues because of the ability to provide feedback and ask questions right in the presentation.  Additionally, my use of the tool with my colleagues may prove enough to raise their interest in the tool to the point where they begin using it with students.

Overall, I felt the course progressed nicely and was not too difficult.  I did think at times the instructions were confusing, however, the work was not terrible.  I liked the ability to find more relevant sources for assignments, as I felt some of them were outdated.  One thing that I believe fits most categories, was the amount of content (tools) we were exposed to in the course.  As a class, we were able to find a great deal of information.  This was a great thing for me.  However, there wasn’t much time to process the information.  Hopefully I will remember what I want to take away and expand upon (the main reason for the list).


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