Diigo – expanding your PLN

Throughout this course, we were exposed to many different technologies.  The one that stuck out as a game changer for me was Diigo.  The concept of social bookmarking is not new to me, however, using a social bookmarking site is new.  It allows me the ability to collate my resources in a manner that enables me to easily recall things, even if I do not remember the actual site.  This is because I can tag the sites and can essentially search my bookmarks.  Conventional bookmarking does not allow me to do this, and while I thought I was quite organized with bookmarks, there were occasionally times where a bookmark would end up in a folder where it didn’t belong.  The ability to tag sites would solve this issue, because I could search the tags and find all the resources with that tag.

I am also an avid Google Chrome user, and manage many profiles.  This is beneficial with Diigo because of the Chrome extension.  I can easily save a resource to Diigo, put it in a folder, share it with a group, and create tags, without actually opening the Diigo site.  Also, it recognizes when a PDF is opened, and actually prompts the save and annotation features.  Annotating is also a great benefit.  Whether I annotate the whole resource as I read it, or just a single note about why I saved it, I can easily get the gist of why it was saved long after the actual save itself.  I believe that the most challenging part for me would be creating the tags.  I see having many in the beginning as I learn my style, but having a few go to tags (that I actual remember) would prove beneficial.  Diigo helps with this by bringing up tags that have previously been used.

In the future, I want to expand this and have a group created for use with my colleagues so that we can begin to share ideas on the topics at hand, such as close reading.  It would help us stay on top of research because we would all be contributing to the sources, making it a great addition to our PLN as a group, and individually.  It would take some training for two members of the team, but as we use it more I think it would become second nature for us.  I really do look forward to using this tool more in my professional career.


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